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a book cover with the words camp death on it
Camp Death
Book 1 of Question Mark Horror series
the dvd cover for little miss evil, with an image of a woman's face painted on it
Little Miss Evil
This is book 1 of a trilogy. It's available now through Spellbound Books.
a book cover for tales from the coffee pot by j m ody on a wooden table
the book cover for the crazy season by j m ody, with an image of a man standing in front of a lighthouse
The Crazy Season
a cell phone sitting on top of a wooden table next to an evil book cover
Little Miss Evil
an ad for the children's book series, with two young men sitting in front of them
Hudson Bell books 1 & 2
six books in the series, all with different covers and titles on each book cover
My books through Question Mark Press
five books are laying on the ground next to each other and one is in front of them
Current Question Mark Press releases.
the book cover for come back home by j m oy is shown in front of a concrete wall
Come Back Home - Hudson Bell book 2
a man standing in the middle of a road with an evil eye on it's face
a woman's face surrounded by autumn leaves and the words, a strong mind
Inspirational, Record Players, Records, Record Player, Needle
Fictional Characters, A Day In Life, Life