Loved these :)

Old school! Fruit-flavored candy sugar in fruit-shaped bottles.

Galaxy Counters by Mars - featuring Percy the Pelican from the 1970s

GALAXY COUNTERS - hold so many memories, my dad would buy me a packet when he paid for his love of galaxy has lasted a life time an goes on

80s sweets uk - Bing Images

sweets uk from the tuck shop at the swimming baths. they still cost but now they're about the size of the old Highland Toffee bars that used to cost


Spangles - remember these? In 1974 they had fizzy flavours like Orangeade and Lemonade. Spangles are a good reminder of a time when, as Roald Dahl once said, "the sweetshop was the very centre of our lives"

Texan bar. Please bring them back!!!

sugar, chewy stuff, cowboys and crazy type in stars and stripes.

80s sweets uk - Google Search

Did you know that Opal Fruits (sorry, Starburst) once had a sister? Pacers were launched as “Opal Mints” in the but didn't really capture the public


Mojo the original penny chew. Four for a penny in the early They came in assorted flavours, (banana was my favourite).

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Still think of them as Marathons and not Snickers! Who remembers the advert with the song "Marathon "

The golden age of British sweets - in pictures

1968 Marathon came to the UK courtesy of Forrest Mars Sr estranged from the family business in the States - but free to adapt the recipes for European tastes


Mars Spangles Flavours - loved the acid drops. These were the best sweets of my childhood. You could always afford a packet of spangles.

Lucozade in orange film wrapping. Strictly only allowed if you were genuinely ill.

My mum always made us drink this is we had a day off sick from school. Lucozade in orange film wrapping. Strictly only allowed if you were genuinely ill.

Sweet wrappers over the years - Page 23

Given these as a prize at school sports day and cried because I wanted jelly tots instead. I never forgave Tooty Frooties.

My primary school teacher used to give everyone 3 toffos every Friday.highlight of the week!!

Toffos were chewy toffee sweets that came in several versions. A standard toffee flavoured version, assorted mixed flavours and a mint one. The mixed pack contained banana, chocolate, strawberry and toffee.

Remember this weird stuff like having an electric shock on your tongue when you ate this.

I think I was banned from eating this as there were rumours that some kids died from it! It was a kind of orange sherbet dust that popped and sizzled in your mouth. Would it pass health and safety standards in this day and age? Unlikely!