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Organic Lala Shan Oolong Tea
Introducing our Organic Lala Shan Oolong Tea. All it takes is 3 minutes and some freshly boiled water to get a delicious cup of tea full of tropical fruit notes and rich floral aromas
Oolong Ali Shan Loose Leaf Tea
Ali Shan Tea, uniquely creamy with floral notes and spring woodland freshness this high mountain oolong tea, is grown in the lofty heights of one of Taiwan’s most breathtaking national parks • Fragrant, Graceful, Creamy • From Chenjia Garden, Ali Shan, Taiwan • Crafted by Tea Maker Shenteng Chen Aroma • Creamy with beautiful hints of strawberry and pear Taste • Refreshing and sappy with baked cream, strawberry and pear complexities. How to make the perfect cup .. • Measure 4g or 2 tsp per cup (250ml) • Heat water to 100°C • Infuse tea for 3 minutes • You can infuse this tea up to 3 times
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The most varied and complex of all tea types, oolong teas are regarded amongst many tea connoisseurs to be the most exciting of all. Originating from China’s Fujian Province, oolong teas have been a cornerstone of tea culture in China and Taiwan for centuries. These incredible teas are more recently beginning to enjoy real favour on the global stage. Find out more about Oolong Tea now.