Sassafras Baking Kits

Sassafras Baking Kits so cute and so beloved PD // teaching kids how to bake with a cute design and even an animal hat!

Prep&Serve multifunctional bowl by JosephJoseph // so handy, can mix, rinse, strain and serve. Want! #product_design #kitchen

Details we like / Prep & Serve multifunctional bowl / Green / functionality / household. I wonder if this would work for quinoa.

Package design: Yunyeen Yang, an Australian design student, developed a new line of packaging for fictional drink manufacturer Jooze. Details from

Design by Yunyeen Yong for Jooze juice boxes geared towards young kids and toddlers.

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7 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Pot Lid Stand by Klipy is Ideal for holding your cooking spoon & hot pot lids of any shape & size while you are cooking. This and 4 more cool kitchen gadgets from Klipy will turn you Master Chef :-)

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