All images courtesy of Play Associates who did the interior design.

M&T: what a beautiful countertop - brass hardware - green vanity.we could go for soft dusty blue with your red accents

The Queen in South Africa in 1947, left, and after announcing her engagement to Prince Philip in the same year

Intimate pictures of the royal family discovered in attic of unknown photographer set to go on public display for the first time

Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) on board the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Implacable during a visit by the royal family from HMS Vanguard, which is taking them to South Africa, February

Sarah Moore of The Great British Interior Design Challenge

Interiors: Preloved delights with vintage-chic aficionado, Sarah Moore

DIY:: Romantic Staircase Update With Wallpaper ! (You can use wallpaper of choice, great use of scraps) How to Easily Wallpaper Your Stairs Step by Step Tutorial ! ugly wallpaper but cool idea!

I loved my weekend in Torquay! The English say if it warm anywhere in England, it will be in Torquay.

Vintage travel posters up for auction

Vintage Ralway Travel Poster - Torquay, Devon, England, Queen of the English Riviera.

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all things brighton beautiful

Queen Elizabeth ll arrives at Aberdeen Airport with her corgis to start her holidays in Balmoral, Scotland in 1974

One's off-duty family album: A peek into the Queen's private life as she cares for corgis and relaxes outdoors

HM The Queen Elizabeth II during HM The Queen Elizabeth II on Holiday in Balmoral Scotland - 1974 at Aberdeen, Scotland in Balmoral, Great Britain. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/WireImage)

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Penzance, West Cornwall. Vintage British Railways Travel poster by Harry Riley

"Penzance, Gateway to West Cornwall" British Railways holiday poster from the National railway Museum collection.

The ultimate guide to the Queen's style revealed | Daily Mail Online

Reignbow! She's worn every colour under the sun in her record reign

Bohemian style: Wearing a polka-dot dress and matching head-dress with a group of local children during her state visit to Mexico, and loud headwear with an understated outfit during her Silver Jubilee year visits Fiji in February, 1977

The beginning of the floral cap years: Elizabeth for this white petaled hat over a sea-green boucle, and a diamond brooch for the Epsom Derby held every June in Surrey. This year was 1962 - and it marked the Queen's 10-year anniversary on the throne.

Cullinan V Heart brooch: This is the brooch that Queen Elizabeth II wears most often. The platinum setting was created by Garrard in 1911 to showcase the heart-shaped diamond.