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concrete steps/ planters  / marianne_levinsen_CBS_campuslan

A shorter version of this - simple benches with planters built in - could be nice. Concrete steps & planters at the Copenhagen Business School by Marianne Levinsen.

Extra Large Planter Pots

I like the idea of extra large planters to frame the door to the garage. - Gardening For Life

Plant a fruit tree in the large planter.

Umbria Etched Concrete Planter, Bowl

extra large planter

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Bristol Low Bowl Planter 40"Dia. x 12"H $625.85

Bristol Low Bowl Planter 40"Dia. x 12"H

Get a commercial planter styled after ceramic pots with the Bristol Low Bowl. This unique planter design is handmade out of fiberglass, molded

36" Dia. x 12"H Italian Villa Bowl Planter

Italian Villa Bowl Planter 36in.Dia. x 12in.H

Dartington Round Low Bowl Planter

The Dartington Round Low Bowl Planter has a large footprint and a low height. This commercial planter is great for plazas and patios.

30"Dia. x 11"H Balboa Low Bowl Planter

30"Dia. x 11"H Balboa Low Bowl Planter

The Balboa Low Bowl Planter is a medium-sized commercial planter with a round footprint and a subtle trim. The round fiberglass planter has a classic look.