The Tristan quilt, oldest preserved quilt in the world. Made in Sicily ca. 1360-1400. Artist unknown. V&A.

The Tristan quilt (Bed cover)

"The Tristan Quilt" -- Oldest Known Preserved Quilt In The World -- Circa -- Place of Origin: Sicily, Italy -- Artist unknown -- Belonging To The Victoria & Albert Museum -- London

121 [60r] - Ms. germ. qu. 15 - Bellifortis - Page - Mittelalterliche…

15 - Bellifortis - Page - Mittelalterliche…

The Voynich Manuscript

This century book seems to be a scientific work, with tons of botanical illustrations and some other information. It also seems to be untranslatable despite years of effort on the part of historians and cryptographers.

Chartres Labyrinth Design

From rock carvings throughout Europe to friezes in India, from ancient Greek coins to Hopi woven baskets, labyrinth symbols have been a part of our global culture for thousands of years. The labyrinth has served as a metaphor for our path through.


Syllabic alphabets, alphasyllabaries or abugidas are syllabic scripts consisting of consonants with vowels indicated by vowel diacritics or separate letters

Sagittarius - Ellie Velinska: The Voynich Manuscript: Hunting Tapestries

The Devonshire Hunting Tapestries are Flemish artworks from the mid-fifteen century. Some costumes of the participants in the hunting event .

Florio's 1598 Italian/English Dictionary

Florio's 1598 Italian/English Dictionary

Digital Manuscripts Online.

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