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Attach Shelves to Your Closet Door to Save Space

shelves attached to the inside of a closet door. I don't have any closet doors like this, but this is a great idea for the back of my craft room door, or the bedroom door. Also a pantry door!

DIY laundry storage - in airing cupboard we could make something similar

I made one of these by converting an old dresser. Just took the drawers out and adjusted the notches. DIY: remove the drawers from an old dresser and adjust the notches for a new, adorable laundry hamper 😍

Add slatted shelves to your airing cupboard to store towels and bedding.

build slatted shelves in your airing cupboard. The first thing to do when making a slatted shelf, is.

drying cupboard for laundry, with a central heating duct at the base and vent at the top

drying cupboard for laundry, with a central heating duct. Rack shelves that can be used to lay out clothes or hang them.