Jennifer Stones

Jennifer Stones

Jennifer Stones
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Transportes Internacionales Centroamericanos

Transportes Internacionales Centroamericanos Nicaragua to other central american destinations via lonely planet


The Swing at the End of the World.hiking up the path to Bellavista from the edge of Banos, Ecuador, you reach a viewpoint and a seismic monitoring station named La Casa Del Arbol (The Treehouse).

Devil's Island

Discover Devil's Island in French Guiana: A hellish, century French penal colony in French Guiana.


Discover Sarisarinama in Sucre, Venezuela: Massive sinkholes on a mountain in one of the most remote places in Venezuela.


Gottfried Knoche and his mummies in Caracas, Venezuela: Ruins of the laboratory where a mysterious doctor invented an embalming fluid and stored his mummies.