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Portrait of Daenerys, by Fay Helfer. The method is called pyrography, the art of writing with fire: the artist uses a heated point to decorate wood or other materials.

Daenerys Targaryen by Fay Helfer. "Dark flowing lines produced with fire. She uses a heated tip to burn her lines into wood, just like those hobby kits that your parents would never buy you when you were a kid because they were covered with warnings.

street art

street art Idea based around eyes large canvas abstract art, focusing on colour maybe a good idea for the senior class. -street art is my favorite.

Expressive self-portraits: Once 4″ X 6″ copies of the photographs were printed for each student, they measured and drew a 1″ grid with pencil on top. Next students were given their final 12″ X 18″ paper and enlarged the grid by 3 times. The actual drawing began with a precisely measured contour in order to establish correct proportions, and the final step was to shade with pencil.

Expressive self-portraits: This drawing begins with a precisely measured contour in order to establish correct proportions. On X paper, enlarge the grid by 3 times. Add details and shading to complete.

Photo Inspiration: 20+ of the best double exposure portraits i've ever seen - Blog of Francesco Mugnai

Picture of the Day: Face Plant In this capture by photographer Archie Campbell, we see his sister’s silhouette in a plant. The technique is known as multiple exposure, in this case it’s a double exposure (since it’s composed of two photographs).