by flaf some great perspective architectural drawing. Like something I wish I could draw - Two point perspective from a specific vantage (viewing) point.

Within this two point perspective view the details on the drawing is extensive and brings a sense of realism into the drawing, some shading was also added to the drawing in terms of pencil shading along the bottom of the buildings

London Towers Art Print - This print would look really nice in a picture frame on a wall!!

teach famous buildings and draw them.London Towers Art Print - This as some sort of scene from above-the amazing things you see when you leave somewhere sucky OR as the crowding dark things to escape from

Illustrator: Pascal Campion

Scorcher part two. I'll be in Annecy next week, and I have some very cool projects that. Scorcher part two


There's something perfect about the backwards tonality, highlighting the focal point. I'd have probably made a mediocre sketch using the other way around (more detailed foreground) and not had this amazing impact. See how you have to unlearn!

New York Street Scene by Stephen Wiltshire.

New York Street Scene by Stephen Wiltshire. He is an incredible artist who can do detailed sketches from memory.

Reykjavík Street - laurel Pettitt

lolrel: Another Reykjavík street! Sorry haven’t been active lately, still sorting out final show/shop stuff!