UFO (British sci-fi series, 1970)

UFO (British sci-fi series, Loved this series from Gerry Anderson!


Dumb color cubes on walls for old fashion scifi computer things

Shado Personel.

Unusual photo of female SHADO personnel wearing a hobble dress uniform 😉


Ed Straker from 'UFO'. I was in love with this car. I believe Noel Edmonds bought it many moons ago

UFO - Shado

UFO 16 September 1970 - 24 July 1971 Gabrielle Drake and Ed Bishop

Wanda Ventham UFO 10" x 8" Photograph no 1 | eBay

Wanda Ventham (mum of Benedict Cumberbatch) as 'Colonel Virginia Lake' in Gerry Anderson's 1970 science fiction series 'UFO'

Fly me to the Moon ( UFO, 1970)

Harrington heading to airlock to go outside and check out UFO crash site 10 miles away.

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