Olivia_Pardoe Illustration 001.jpg

First Year Illustration from BA Fashion Design Degree course at the University of Westminster │ Media Used : Pens, Fine Liners, Markers, Chalk Pastels │

Max Oppenheimer - Egon Schiele

Inspiration for Carolyn Sullivan's costumes in our 2015 production Max Oppenheimer - Egon Schiele

Rauschenberg More

Conservation Pool Party: The Washing and Bleaching of a Robert Rauschenberg Print

Payload by Robert Rauschenberg, 1962 Original link is broken, so here's a new one: http://www.katarte.net/robert-rauschenberg-payload-1962/

Robert Rauschenberg, responsable of the abstract expressionisim Transforming every day objects . Method of combining elements to make a composition. Tension of materials of real life and art. Art was living life for him.

Antony Micallef - Self portrait with blue slash no1

Antony Micallef - Self portrait with blue slash No. oil on French linen, x See more Antony Micallef posts here.

Ella_Harwood Illustration 003.jpg

Our first year fashion design students are taught by illustrator Richard Gray. These are a selection of first year students fashion illustration work, depicting this seasons runway collections.

Taking my Sketchbook (and Foot) to Breakfast

Taking my Sketchbook (and Foot) to Breakfast

Various faces of people sitting around me as I ate breakfast in Cafe Nero last…