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a kitchen with brick walls and bar stools in the center, surrounded by wooden flooring
Pattern Players: Exploring Modern Farmhouse Design with Katie DeRario of Hart & Lock
an empty theater room with brown couches and lights on the walls, along with carpeted flooring
ahochdrei turns a old coal cellar into a home cinema in a mies van der rohe designed villa
an empty theater room with black chairs and gold stars on the carpet, in front of two rows of seats that are facing away from each other
Rustic Farmhouses panosundaki Pin
the snack bar is stocked with snacks and drinks
Basement Bar Snack Bar
a room that has some couches and lights on the ceiling in it, with two recliners sitting next to each other
the inside of a fast food restaurant with neon signs above it and various foods on display
26 Home Theaters You Wish You Owned