I want the heart shaped cake with fruit, sponge and chocolate with animal shaped icing round the outside

Types of Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake Guide // Wandering Gypsy Bridal Guide [ "Cake Commitments - types of wedding cakes. Such a neat infographic for brides!

Cappucino cake recipe - I've made this cake a few times but with a light buttercream frosting instead of Marscapone.

Cappuccino cake

If you've offered to bake a treat for a stall or your local coffee morning then this cake stall classic is just the thing Mascarpone coffee frosting

similar to another cake I've made for years. If I can pull off the decorations this should be a hit!

A moist and decadent Chocolate Cake decorated with Easter Eggs. from-brazil-to-you-recipes

A naked cake decorated with powdered sugar and roses: an inexpensive wedding cake you can DIY. Still looks elegant and and chic with a lot less headache! - the bottom layer seems large, so maybe just the top two layers if you don't have pans that large - depending on the number of guests, you would have other I decorated cakes cut up and ready to serve to go along with the "display cake."

Rustic Chocolate Wedding Cakes

This would be simple to make. Naked Chocolate Wedding Cake-- Minus the birds and just a pretty cake.

Sponge Cake with Berries and Cherries (The Hungry Australian)

The Great Australian sponge cake: so dependable and so versatile. Just like a pair of blue jeans.

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