Map wallpaper.

Huge World Map (and Purple Table) in the Dining Room / Kitchen. Love how they made the dining table tie in with the purple in the map. Like this but maybe a vintage green or blue color?

Walls | Atelier Wandlungen

I know it is not a textile, but falls in same category of inspiration as textiles Large Soft Ornamental Mural

Graham Glider + Ottoman + Rug from west elm

Cruz's Modern Geometric Masterpiece

Trees wallpaper

Buy your Dotty Kids Wallpaper by ferm LIVING here. Inspire your boy or girl's bedroom, playroom or nursery with the Dotty Kids Wallpaper from ferm LIVING. This wallpaper is the per

Great kids or big kid wallpaper

Funny DIY wallpaper “I See You” by Cavern. The wallpaper is just eyes so you can draw in the characters. It'd be cool though if it was a dry erase board wall with those eyes.

Mosaic wallpaper for children's rooms designed in France by Minakani, as featured on Bobby Rabbit

Great idea to use with MagScapes magnetic wallpaper and custom magnets. Mosaic wallpaper for children's rooms designed in France by Minakani and available from Olive Loves Alfie, published by Bobby Rabbit

Salvaged wood wallpaper

Scrapwood Wallpaper - As seen on Channel The Block. Scrap wood wallpapers by Piet Hein Eek and Studio Ditte. They look stylish hung horizontally or vertically. Great for a feature wall or for a DIY project decorating old funky furniture.

Typography wallpaper

Typography Wallpaper For Font Freaks

Decor-a Secret Letter wallpapers by Wall & Deco. Hard to believe that is wallpaper! It isn't your grandmother's wallpaper at all!

Studio Ditte Birdhouse Removable Wallpaper

More Kid-Friendly Removable Wallpaper

A few months ago we shared some particularly kid-friendly removable wallpaper choices and since I was doing a bit of shopping research in this area for my own home, I thought I'd share more in this vein

Love the scale of these oversized animals. via Wallpaper Minakani Walls paris studio. Minakani and Minakani Walls

Animal wall paper designed by a Parisian design studio called Minakani Walls and apparently each pattern will only be manufactured 100 times.