Edinburgh / I like fiddlin aboot with stuff...making...bending.. welding...casting..keeps me out of trouble
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This is roller derby

This is NOT roller derby. This is a model posing for a picture who happens to have roller derby equipment laying beside her. Please stop the perpetuating idea that derby is about sex. It's about real athletic women.

Roller Derby Gear Rack

Roller Derby Gear Rack - Obrary I NEED THIS! I'm sure my team mates would appreciate it if I actually aired out my gear lol

Fire pit. Round propane tank and a plasma cutter. Of coarse I have never used a plasma cutter, but hey, how hard could it be. ;)

Backyard fire pits would be so much more exciting if everyone used the Third Rock Earth design by Fire Pit Art. USA-based Fire Pit Art is a company that produces creative heavy duty fire pits for residential and commercial use (including custom designs).

how to make fork bracelets

A complete training video on how to make fork bracelets including tools required and technics.