Maggie Casey

MAGGIE CASEY: copper tacks, wood, Casey creates informed by her education in She refers to these structures as 'hanging . I love the landscape like quality of the silk organza.

Analytical Model of La Coruña Center for the Arts

conceptmodel: “ Analytical Model of La Coruña Center for the Arts ”


archisketchbook - architecture-sketchbook, a pool of architecture drawings, models and ideas - Masonic Lodge Karoline Wæringsaasen 2012

Vail Grant House | Brooks + Scarpa

A topography sculpted of folded, skewed metal planes, the Vail House seems to enter into a love affair with the hill, blurring the boundaries between the natural and the artificial.The design of the Vail House was generated by the integration of two dis…

Syncopated Territories 2006 Unit 8, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Smout Allen Architectural Design Research Practice compelling model that appears to be analogue, not digitally fabricated