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Gorgeous 40" Nicole Toddler Doll Kit by Artist N Blick to Reborn | eBay

***Gorgeous*** ** Nicole **Toddler** doll Kit by Artist N Blick to reborn in Dolls & Bears, Dolls, Reborn, Reborn Dolls

Like this.

negative to positive thinking. i wonder if it really works. i am posting this without really reading it. anything that goes from negative to positive attracts me!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day (INFOGRAPHIC)

Research indicates early intervention after a traumatic event can reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This “What is PTSD?” infographic from the USC School of Social Work o…

I love this. Boundaries are important.

On setting boundaries… I tend to feel guilty about hurting people’s feelings, but everyone deserves to feel love and respected, including oneself. There’s a lot of good bits in here. I love this set

Poster - I Message Sentence Starters

'I Message' Sentence Starters: Instead of making ‘Accusing You’ statements that sound blameful & attacking, using an iMessage has the potential to de-escalate the feelings of anxiety and maintain the peace.

Did this in counselling. For EVERY negative thought about yourself, there is an unhealthy way of thinking present. These are those ways of thinking that feed your negativity and keep you in a shitty mindset. BE AWARE.

Learn to label your unhealthy thinking patterns. Labelling your cognitive distortions will promote inner awareness, thereby helping you change and overcome those negative thought patterns.