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an abstract painting with different colored shapes and lines on the bottom half of each piece
Jamie Wignall on Instagram: "The next in my sports illustration series is the mighty Pole Vault! I have been really enjoying playing with dynamic composition and the unique view points and concepts that can be captured by illustration. Here I was thinking about the moment an athlete is propelled upwards towards the apex of their jump. I decided to use Blender to set up the viewpoint of the shot. It can such a useful tool for visualising angles and framing. What’s interesting is that even here artistic viewpoint and imagination is central to the modelling. The aim was to exaggerate the perspective of the poles vanishing down to the ground. To do that I had to make the length of the side poles extra long and also taper them to create the effect I wanted. You see that in the final image. I’
an abstract painting of a man's face surrounded by colorful shapes
2021 Poster Illustrations by Nicholas Chuan
Ilustraciones de carteles 2021 por Nicholas Chuan
an artistic painting with oranges and blue leaves on it's edges, against a white background
Liv Lee on Instagram: "A bunch of fictitious bush berries 〰️ - - Image 1 description: painted on a cream background, there are four different branches of fictitious berries sitting in a pink round vase. All the branches have blue leaves and stems and the berries are yellow and orange in colour, and are lumpy and wonky and wonderful. Image 2 description: a close-up crop of the first painting with the paint texture visible."
a woman with freckles on her face holding a pencil in front of her face
Magdiel Lopez on Instagram: "Primavera • tv show Poster #conceptart Hello everyone in been gone for a bit I’ve been getting up to speed with work after my mom’s incident. Hope you like this concept art it was fun to make. #movieposter #CreativeEditing #DigitalArt #GraphicDesign #PhotoshopArtd"
an image of a black cat with the moon in its mouth and lettering on it
Max Löffler on Instagram: "Graveyard | Winter Tour 2024 I had the chance to illustrate this tired kitten for the Winter Tour of the fantastic @graveyardmusic , kocking off next week in Leipzig! Since I first discovered their instant classic debut album sometime around 2012, they’re constantly finding their way into heavy rotation. Thanks so much to @trulsmorck for the trust! These 40cm x 60cm posters will be available at the merch tables on tour, and after that I‘ll also have a super limited amount available in my shop. As always printed by Meister @sehfeuer and the artwork is done using @truegrittexturesupply brush sets."
a man's face is surrounded by lines and triangles in the shape of an upside down triangle
Magdiel Lopez on Instagram: "Poster 792 • NO SOLO A NUESTRA EPOCA, SINO A LA AUDACIA DE IMAGINAR MÁS ALLÁ DE LOS LÍMITES ESTABLECIDOS Using @Photoshop tools in unexpected ways #contemporaryart #photoshoptutorial #creativeediting"
two people standing next to each other in front of a colorful background with an image of a horse
Magdiel Lopez on Instagram: "Hey everyone, I've been completely hooked on Gothic and early Renaissance art lately. It's like stepping into another world, The intensity, the emotion, the pure human drama - it's just mesmerizing. But, at the same time, I've been dipping into Japanese art from the 1800s. Talk about a change of pace! It's all about vibrant colors, textures and this really cool sense of balance and harmony. So, I've been messing around with this wild idea: mixing these two completely different styles together. Imagine the depth and intensity of Gothic and Renaissance art smashing headfirst into the lively, delicate vibe of 19th-century Japanese art. Crazy, right? But art's all about breaking boundaries and trying new things, I've had a blast experimenting and merging these
an image of a man with many arrows coming out of his head on orange background
Harriet Drewe on Instagram: "Super proud to share one of the illustrations I was asked to create for @theaoi ‘a rebrand - representing every day scenarios that illustrators go through - this one refers to showcasing your work and self promotion #illustration #paperillustration #procreate #womenofillustration #branding #brandingillustration #diversity #inclusion #companybranding #advice #support #contracts #community #showcase #selfpromotion #marketing"
a cartoon character running with a basketball in his hand and the words put some pep on your step
my sunbeam on Instagram: "#ad Like to grab a slice of good vibes 😎 #pizza #positivity #goodvibes"
a portrait of a man with a mustache and black shirt, on a multicolored background
Handsome Frank • Home to the world's greatest illustrators
Petra Eriksson • Handsome Frank • Home to the world's greatest illustrators
an illustration of a soccer player with the word ray on it's back ground
𝕯𝖆𝖓 𝕰𝖛𝖆𝖓𝖘 on Instagram: "Ramsdale would have saved those penalties better..."
an image of fruit in a bowl on a checkered table
Fruit Bowl Digital Art Print Instant Download 8x10 and 11x14 Aesthetic Fruit Checkered Retro Kitchen Illustration
WHAT WILL YOU GET? 11x14 and 8x10 inch High Quality JPG Files This is a digital download meaning you will not receive anything in the mail. Your files will be delivered electronically once the payment is received. HOW TO PRINT Print at home using card stock or other heavy weight paper Print at a local print shop Upload and order from an online print shop (Staples, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart) IMPORTANT All designs are for personal use only. You can print as many copies as you like for yourself, but