shadow box tins: future Sean crafts.  I already find these tins in every pocket he has, he might as well make little scenes for the inside.

shadow box tins: I love the whole idea. I have plans to make a felted cat sitting in a sardine tin with a big smirk. I want a vintage tin with the key roll-up top.


Andie Arthur & Georgia Hilmer by Aitken Jolly for b Magazine #5

best use of those adidas sandals that were so popular with the soccer kids in junior high. andie arthur & georgia hilmer by aitken jolly for b magazine

This links to order and disorder because the features are distorted and out of place on the face.

This is a picture of a split-personality disorder. It represents Disorder - Max Cherry

moonmud:    by Dujdao Vadhanapakorn

pikeys: “ Displacement: Wrong Place, Wrong Way, 2009 by Dujdao Vadhanapakorn ”

Prada Fantasy Lookbook Spring 2012

More ideas
a crewel / whitework embroidered pillow

This is my favorite example for painting the wood parts of the chair. French chair and cream-on-cream crewel work pillow

delightful !

A birdcage makes for some great art. DIY indoors or outdoors. What about birdcages and pretend birds inside at an event? They are such interesting shapes!


Providence Ltd Design - ProvidenceLtdDesign - David Michael Miller. Candle sticks and plant on hunters cabinet.

Applied Wallpaper | Little Hands

Hot air balloon wallpaper - The wallpaper can be ordered in various sizes. We are like tailors, the wallpaper will fit perfectly on your wall, you just have to give us the measures you need!

Via Grange de Charme

Grange de Charme dans Maisons à Vivre ! - Grange de charme