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More great sentence stems to help guide students through conversation before they turn into arguments.

Doing Math the Routty Way: Engaging Activities from A to Z (Day 14)

Open-ended Math Talk Questions- “Questioning is a powerful instructional strategy.” Creating a classroom where students are able to effectively use math talk during a classroom dis…

By Gladis Kersaint - 100 questions from a mathematics expert to help promote mathematical thinking and discourse in the classroom.

Take a look at our FREE printable - 100 Questions that Promote Mathematical Discourse based on Dr. Gladis Kersaints' whitepaper, Orchestrating Mathematical Discourse to Enhance Student Learning. Whitepaper available here:

The students in fourth grade use this chart to help them have a "Math Talk." The students are reminded to repeat what has been shared during the discussion. Then they state their opinion and explain why they are thinking that way. Other members of the class are encouraged to add on to the conversation. Finally, the students are encouraged to wait. The wait is a time for them to stop and THINK.

Math Talk Anchor Chart - Here's a nice chart to help students understand ways to participate in math talk.