Rehpublic - Free Motion Embroidery Blog: Birdie House Doodle

I could use free motion embroidery for details in my art piece such as waves and for plants such as seaweed or coral if I were to use them in my wall hanging.

Christmas Robins: so cute. Once saw someone's collection of robin christmascards, looked great! For some reason robins are connected with Christmas, although I don't know why.

Personalised Christmas Robin Mirror

Handmade Potting Shed Embroidered Picture. Ideal by LillyBlossom

Handmade Potting Shed Embroidered Picture. Ideal gift for anyone who loves gardening. Freehand work from sketches, with French knot flowers.

fabric bird brooch by honeypips |

Fabric Bird Brooch

A very pretty fabric bird broochAvailable in 3 current colour's, but if you would like a different colour scheme to match an outfit or favouritie coat contact me and I'm sure this can be arranged and made to order.This lovely brooch would make a perfect g

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