Owl Moon Lessons. Really like what they did. Especially making the craters1

Owl Moon Activities

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen. Activity: Do a lesson on owls after reading this book. Have the students describe what owls are like and put it on a big poster for the entire class. Afterwards, construct an owl project!

Play dough, feathers, buttons, matchsticks & googly eyes - from Rachel (",)

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owl facts

Fun facts about owls! Turn this in to a writing opportunity and teach your kids about writing non fiction! comparison to bats/ birds vs flying mammal


Owl Babies EYFS Topic Web

Over 40 activities linked to the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, based on the story Owl Babies<br /> <br /> Hope you find it useful

Owl babies nest building invitation

Use "Owl Babies" to inspire children's play with loose parts; natural feathers, stones, sticks, pinecones, tree slices - could place in a feely bag to talk about textures etc.