Erupting art for kids - combining art and science in one fun and colorful activity!

Erupting art for kids - combining art and science in one fun and colorful activity! So fun to celebrate 2014 Summer Reading

Continuous Provision describes the core everyday resources that are always available to children in early years settings.  It allows children to make choices to create their own learning contexts (self initiated learning).   However, Continuous Provision is NOT just the resources that you have out all of the time. I think a better definition of the term is: 'To continue the provision for learning in the absence of an adult.' --- Great post about ways to re-think and achieve CP.

CONTINUOUS PROVISION The work I am doing at the moment with settings on how they are managing their continuous provision is having some really positive impact on attainmentso I thought.

RAINBOW TREASURE SLIME- what could be more fun than a slimy treasure hunt in sparkly slime? {BORAX FREE SLIME RECIPE}

RAINBOW TREASURE SLIME- need liquid starch (laundry aisle at grocery store) , 2 bottles school glue clear, rainbow glitter, treasures

Playdough Invitation to Play: Love the look of this, with wooden rolling pins in baskets, little metal pans from play kitchen, pasta. stirring sticks, cutting board.  OP used coffee flavored dough but I'd like to do a rosemary-and-olive-oil version.

Coffee scented playdough, brown pop sticks, baskets, rolling pins and pasta teamed with a very cute espresso set make an authentic Italian café.

Everyday Maths through Everyday Provision: Developing opportunities for mathematics in the early years by Elaine Bennett, This book will help you to realise the wonderful mathematical learning happening in your setting all day and every day through the familiar resources and experiences routinely offered to young children and to think more reflectively about what you are providing for children and suggest ways of making provision richer and more exciting for you and the children in your…

Everyday Maths Through Everyday Provision: Developing Opportunities for Mathematics in the Early Years