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Wow! Nylon chiffon pompom flowers made using the same technique as tissue paper poms. So fluffy and gorgeous! #nursery #party #shower

Bed Pom Poms ~ using tulle and same method used for making tissue paper flowers. so cute for a little girl's bedroom! - PSH, Eff a little girls room, i'm gonna make some for MINE.


willow branches from landscape nursery in bundles of 100 sticks . put branches in ground at least 6 inches . 4 to 8 inches apart . one pointing left . the next pointing right . weave them together . using hemp twine tie them together at the top

Diy pillow!--Envelope style, no zippers! So easy to make!

Lillyblossom Contrast Tied Cushion Cover -- I'm Going To Do This For Throw Pillows But Also Pillow Cases For Bed Pillows. My Pillow Cases Always Come Off And It Annoys Me To No End. LUV the color pattern!

Toilet Paper Roll Advent by lesley

Toilet Paper Roll Advent --Now THIS is an Advent calender I can make! And get nasty diseases from at the same time! Really people? Toilet paper goes in the BATHROOM, breeding ground for germs and nastiness.

Green  Fingerless GLOVES 182 made from recycled sweaters

Green Fingerless GLOVES 182 made from recycled sweaters