Hot pants are very, very short shorts worn by women in the early Here we see Twiggy wearing a pair of the unprecedented hot pants.

The Biba Look or "Dudu" look appears totally timeless, doe-eyed and bohemian.

Year: 1973 Model(s): Twiggy Photographer: Justin de Villeneuve Designer(s): Biba



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The iconic Biba label A quick history The most glorious fashion retailer of the and Biba was the totally original brainchild .

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Barbara Hulanicki's Biba, which opened in Kensington in was in business for only a decade yet is now one of the most collectible fas.

twiggykatebiba.jpg (514×283)

Twiggy models BIBA, next to Kevyn Aucoin’s version of a BIBA girl, modeled by Kate Moss in his 1997 book Making Faces.

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