simple portrait set-up

simple portrait setup -- need a reflector! You can use an automotive window shade - the pop out kind - which are super cheap at the auto parts store. (this is not a auto window shade though)

© Sue Bryce Natural Light Studio in 2 x 2 metres One window One reflector

2 x 2 meters One window One reflector. // Sue Bryce: \Taking 4 girls all different ages and body sizes and then a three generation of teenager Mum and Grandmother. I photographed them all in sequence thru 12 of my natural light scenarios

© Sue Bryce

STUDIO LIGHTING - Australian Portrait photographer Sue Bryce uses a combination of natural light and soft studio lighting with minimal shadows.

© Sue Bryce Last shoot for 2011 - Bring on 2012

hang sheers behind (over window) and have mirror or reflector in front of her - in tv room?