Handprint/footprint Christmas craft! Infant/toddler room!

40 Creative Handprint and Footprint Crafts for Christmas -> Handprint Reindeers and Footprint Sleigh Christmas Craft - Crafting By Holiday

Hundreds Chart Teaching Tool

Gearin Up with Number Grids

Hundreds Chart Teaching Tool for students struggling with marcy cook activities on the hundreds chart :)

display learning targets. This might actually work!

Classroom Display - Great way to display objectives/learning targets! Does nor take up a lot of space!

Fantastic way to encourage reading - am definitely going to do this with my yr 5 class

Challenge students to read 100 books by the end of school. Record title and author of each book on a paper "chain" link and return the complete chain for a photo op and to be gushed over for completing such a feat :o)

want to do this !!! shows how many books students read

Reading chains: Every time a student finishes a book, they can write their name, title and author of the book on a strip and attach it to their class chain. Perhaps the class with the longest chain at the end of the year could get some type of reward.

Math manipulatives

Kids develop math concepts and fine motor skills as they build math facts using clothespins and craft sticks! (Free ideas also included for helping kids work with fact families and missing addends.) used PreK classroom math/everyday life centers

BOOK REPORTS | learningenglish-esl

A great graphic organizer for books/stories that have a critical point where a decision is made. Students can think about what went into that decision in an organized manner.

Printable Book Bucks. A buck for each book read - buy prizes or tickets to programs?????

You can use these printable book bucks as an incentive. Give each student 1 book buck for each book they read then they can spend it in the classroom store.