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Jodie Pattison

Jodie Pattison
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Hair And Makeup, Make Up Hair, Hair Makeup

"...And you're rude... bad mannered and deranged... So stop pissing me off and browsing my boards when you have no intention of being a gentleman... or I will block you!".. J.L. Thomas :D

PRICK = "PUNXA" PERĂ’ VOL DIR CAPOLL O IDIOTA. (slang, vulgar) a nasty or contemptible person = gilip. He is such a prick! I've met some pricks in my time but you sir, are a fucking cactus.

Dying on the floor!

Omg, the other week I was on a field trip, I was waiting in line behind my crush and my bestie comes up and says ur girlfriend loves u Ever time I talk to crush with my friend around its not Abby its ur girlfriend! I laugh every time

Don't act like you know me, because you don't...JUST SAYING!!!

Bitches who think they know it all! Or someone who I used to be when I fucked with you. Learn that ppl change and they aren't the same once they're gone!