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Marbled Pillar Instructions : Candle & Soap Making Techniques

How to create a marbled look. Instructions: Melt your wax. I usually set my dial on my presto pot to warm. Pour wax into a small loaf pan to cool. (you can also cool it in your…Read more ›(Diy Candles Making)

You may have seen my post about how to make candle wicks and a brief intro to making your own “test candles” (aka ice cube tray candles!). Since then I had a little play and started making all sorts of different candles in a variety of colours! I had heard before, but not believed, …

Cookie Cutter Candles - this is a step by step guide to how to make COOKIE CUTTER candles from old candle ends. Great DIY and upcycle and so fun too. Love these DIY candles and top candle making tips!