♂ Green landscaping Sustainable architecture design combination - loving the texture of the sunken wood as an edge/path

My favorite edging - Steel. Its strong, bends, changes color, you can seal, paint it, takes up minimal space, can be recessed or use to create steps. My 3 recommendations, 1- dont use a thin (gage) steel because it will bend when people step on it or to thick that you cant work with it . 2nd if your budget is tight check a local metal shop, see if they have cut scrap pieces you can buy. 3rd hammer the furtherest corners of your edging to be safe.

It is a person who reshapes the earth into works of art using natural materials enhanced by select, inorganic elements when appropriate. Most land/earth artists have been Americans who have rejected the commercial aspects of art. They have sought to move

Garden with height differences, sloped garden

I love layering raised beds. Gives so much more interested than a single square or rectangular bed would. - New Sensations Garden

This board was created by Cutting Edge Grass Seed: #lawncare #lawn #grass

Wilrijk Garden by Vertus The design language is immediately obvious in all their projects, with strong geometries, solid elements surrounded by loose gravel or stone, and thin elegant edges.

Striking Stone Designs    The steel sides of this raised bed surround a large boulder for a waterfall effect. The rock seems to cascade over the sides of the planter.

Steel and stone retaining walll - industrial - landscape - detroit - Daryl Toby - AguaFina Gardens International


Avant-Garden Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show Melbourne Australia by Acre Landscape Architecture Studio

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Mail - Jody conaglen - Outlook

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