Credit: Amnesty International Design: Amnesty International, 1995 (Israel)A poster for the Israeli branch by graph...

Amnesty International posters - in pictures

Credit: Amnesty International Design: Amnesty International, 1995 (Israel) A poster for the Israeli branch by graphic designer Lemel Yossi KL-Great use of limited color, negative space and type

Fons Hickmann M23 put together some powerful political posters for Amnesty

Fons Hickmann STOP death penalty. Love this poster, it merges two highly recognizable symbols: a stop sign and a rope.

An Amnesty International mission delegate's fingers covered in oil from an oil spill near Ikarama. This photograph was taken eight months after the spill. Experts who studied video footage of the two spills in Ogoniland say they could together be as large as the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska #boycottShell

Shell oil spills in the Niger delta - in pictures

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An anti-Russia ad via AI France turns a Matryoshka doll into a bullet. | The Most Powerful Ads Of Amnesty International

La Chose, in France has created a advertising campaign with Russian doll for Amnesty International. The copy says We must not let Russia‘s charm hide it’s atrocities. via i believe in advertising

Amnesty International Poster

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