Poppy Seed Head by Susannah Blaxill

Susannah Blaxill botanical art, internationally recognised as a leading artist specialising in watercolour, pencil and charcoal drawings. Susannah Blaxill offers limited edition prints, commissioned work and workshops.

Saatchi Art Artist: Nikos Gyftakis; oil pastel on canvas 2004 Painting "self portrait"

Art No Longer Available

Good example of what inner turmoil can look like: NC: Self portrait Nikos Gyftakis Greece Medium: oil pastel on canvas Year Created: 2005

Perfect Time (8 x 3) - Darren Almond - 2012 - 47373

'Perfect Time' (twenty-four digital wall clocks, electro-mechanics, steel, vinyl, computerised electronic control system and components) by Darren Almond.

snowball (8)_50x70_MOISES MAHIQUES

snowball (8)_50x70_MOISES MAHIQUES

Bianca Chang -

2013 - Bianca Chang Comparative form in white (Squares, CW), 2013 Paper 26 x x 3 cm


Documented description, Diogo pimentao, via Yvon Lambert

SNOWBALL | Moisés Mahiques

Artist Moisés Mahiques from Quatretonda, Valencia created a stunning series of painted figures entitled Snowballs. Mahiques works with watercolor and ink on paper building up multiple layers of int…

Angela Glajcar

Deep Tunnels and Caves of Suspended Torn Paper by Angela Glajcar Image provided by Heitsch Gallery


Portrait illustration created for the ‘Chapelle Fifteen’ group show exhibited at La Chapelle des Calvairiennes in Mayenne, France.

Jeremy DePrez<br /> <i>Untitled (Winter Version)</i>, 2014<br /> Acrylic on canvas over panel<br /> 83 x 63 inches<br /> 210.8 x 160 cm

Jeremy DePrez<br /> <i>Untitled (Winter Version)</i>, /> Acrylic on canvas over panel<br /> 83 x 63 inches<br /> x 160 cm


julesjulien: “ Single sleeve for Jake Bugg’s Strange Creatures revamped for…