Poppy Seed Head by Susannah Blaxill

Susannah Blaxill botanical art, internationally recognised as a leading artist specialising in watercolour, pencil and charcoal drawings. Susannah Blaxill offers limited edition prints, commissioned work and workshops.

Saatchi Art Artist: Nikos Gyftakis; oil pastel on canvas 2004 Painting "self portrait"

self portrait Painting by Nikos Gyftakis

Good example of what inner turmoil can look like: NC: Self portrait Nikos Gyftakis Greece Medium: oil pastel on canvas Year Created: 2005

Bianca Chang -

Bianca Chang — Comparative form in white (Rotation, CW), Paper, 26 x x 3 cm.

Perfect Time (8 x 3) - Darren Almond - 2012 - 47373

'Perfect Time' (twenty-four digital wall clocks, electro-mechanics, steel, vinyl, computerised electronic control system and components) by Darren Almond.

snowball (8)_50x70_MOISES MAHIQUES

snowball (8)_50x70_MOISES MAHIQUES

Bianca Chang -

2013 - Bianca Chang Comparative form in white (Squares, CW), 2013 Paper 26 x x 3 cm


Documented description, Diogo pimentao, via Yvon Lambert

SNOWBALL | Moisés Mahiques

Artist Moisés Mahiques from Quatretonda, Valencia created a stunning series of painted figures entitled Snowballs. Mahiques works with watercolor and ink on paper building up multiple layers of int…