The grand chandelier in the entrance catches the light beautifully. #WTinteriors #interiors

needs a bit more depth for me, but a like the practical but classy colour and the sparkles out of the way of the kids! The grand chandelier in the entrance catches the light beautifully.

Oh, I so want this if I end up with a backyard on a slope!

Wicker Waste Paper Basket with Swing Lid Colour Honey Made with Natural Wicker

Awesome! Until you have to cook at night. Wonder how they did overhead lighting?

This conservatory style kitchen is definitely my ideal kitchen! I love the window ceiling! So much natural light comes in and you can look at the stars and the moon at night! JUST PERFECT

Need to move the kids' chalk board outside! Less mess, and get proper clean every time it rains...

The outdoor chalk board could be cool in the secret garden. Outdoor chalk board would be great for our kids, whilst covering up the old wooden fence

Ok. Love the terracing on the sides of the staircase - perfect for the drop from our guest cottage to our outdoor kitchen (Task Lit Staircase Made with Cast Concrete HGTV Grdens)

Task Lit Staircase Made with Cast Concrete.Task lit stairs are made from cast concrete and are set in gravel with grass terraces as steps ascend to upper levels of the garden.

Great designed kids play area for the steep garden

8 Easy & Affordable Kid-Friendly Backyard Ideas

Backyard fun for kids. Play structure slide and climbing wall. Great idea for sloping yards. More like backyard fun for me.

Alderwood-steep-lot-transform-after-1015.jpg (skyword:193998)

6 Landscape Ideas That Transformed a Steep Lot into an Outdoor Oasis

This steep and rather uninteresting backyard received a massive makeover thanks to the help of a local landscape architect. See how careful planning, expert design, and a lot of new foliage transformed this lifeless landscape into an outdoor oasis.

living room and kitchen combo, rafters. grey gardens via design sponge

from Design Sponge Sneak Peaks - in this living space the darkening shades of grey draw the eye to the kitchen space, but the white ceiling and beams maintain a sense of space and light