Paintings and illustrations by Nina Valkhoff; collage portrait

Collage 'Portrait' by Nina Valkhoff (Netherlands) Paper and Glue. An amazingly constructed collage, utilising newsprint for shawdowing, layering and overall whole construction of work.

Effective use of text combined with image.  Self Portrait 1

Love the idea but would use different words. i guess thats the point! effective use of text combined with image. Self Portrait 1

Andrea Costantini: Very fascinating way of representing culture, through a persons looks and  hometown

Andrea Costantini (I need a guide)

Where Is My Mind] Untitled photography by Andrea Costantini This is an extremely simple poster yet it is so effective by the use of just two images combined into one. It stands out against the plain background

Again here shows the use of portraiture using the map as the canvas.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Ed Fairburn's Map Art Portraits

Gallery of portraits drawn onto maps by artist Ed Fairburn. From the chaotic lines of a map emerge haunting images of the human face.