the white shelf with the art makes for a lovely gallery-in-rotation, which is perfect for Etsy print collectors to move stuff around without hammering into the wall each time I decide to change things up!

Living room interiors inspiration \ grey walls \ gray walls \ grey sofa \ mustard yellow accents \ white floating shelf with picture frames

Basket, and interesting paint technic on walls, could be solution to undecided color, use them all!!! Interior Design | Cozy, Wintery Living Rooms

Interior Design

Love how the walls in this living room look like diy concrete! Silvery serene and I love the elephant picture on the wall too!

Love the gray wall color... goes well with the black couch

Love the gray wall color. goes well with the black couch! Purple accents or yellow

Very nice. I like the throw on the seats - the part that gets the most wear and tear. Pillow prints are striking.

It is a brave soul that owns a white couch . a brave soul without children or…