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Avocado bonsai

Avocado Tree as Indoor Bonsai? Updates: project: The leaves are getting bigger since adding soil on the bottom and giving the roots more room to grow in.

Shishi Odoshi Design: Learn All About Japanese Bamboo Fountain Shishi Odoshi

You are about to learn the secrets of designing a beautiful Japanese Bamboo Fountain (i. Learning how to design your own Japanese Shishi-Odoshi would help you create a zen-like unique attraction for your indoors or your garden.

Japanese Pine Tree Pruning Nowaki

, that oak trees were reputed to have within their boughs, the gift of prophecy. The presence of oak tree galls in oak trees is caused by insect larvae that tunne

Rock, monument, moss, leaf and bamboo. A layer effect of all elements

Japanese Zen Garden: Rock, monument, moss, leaf, and bamboo - A Layer Effect of The Elements