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White Leica M8 Faithfully Recreated Using LEGO Pieces

Leung recreated the special white edition of the Leica rangefinder using LEGO pieces. The attention to detail is amazing, and you can even look through the viewfinder! You can find a couple mo.

£2.8 Million - The Leica Is The Worlds Most Expensive Camera - You dont even get a single megapixel for your money

This $2.8 million Leica is the world’s most expensive camera

This 1923 Leica O-series prototype is one of only 12 remaining in the world. Last week at Vienna’s WestLicht Photographica auctions it sold for a cool million making it the most expensive camera in the world!

Leica M9-P Edition Hermes

Leica M9-P Edition Hermes

leica hermes camera Luxurious Hermès Leica P Special Edition Camera

OK yes that's a lens

Leica IIIG (ca + Summarex (ca. with optional viewfinder and lens hood. Not something I would buy, but it is one beautiful camera, like most Leicas are.

The Hasselblad - So Top End There Is No End

The Hasselblad is probably the most expensive digital camera in the world. This DSLR camera has an astonishing 60 megapixel 40 x 54 mm sensor.

The Leica Hermes Box

Leica 18 MP CCD Image Sensor Digital Rangefinder Camera with Leica Normal Summilux M Aspherical Manual Focus Lens Limited Hermès Edition : LEICA


The world's most expensive camera - the Leica (Photo: WestLicht Photographica)

The Dragon

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