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Petri dish at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

The Pixar Of Consulting — The A-Z Of Group Partners — Medium

The Pixar Of Consulting

Never before has business been more complicated nor more in need of figuring out how to operate in a new world. As a result they need to think and work completely differently — and quickly figure out…

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That's It The 7 Laws Repenting At Leisure

expensive watches

Limited to only 24 pieces and with an extrinsic designs, La Clef du Temps Tourbillon Watch is surely a luxurious collector's time-piece.


A true master of the art of collection display was the late Ettore Guatelli. This set of photos of his rural museum in Italy are absolutely spellbinding and show just what is possible when displaying an assortment of objects.

12 Instagrammers to follow in 2015 | west elm

This tool wall is very functional the black hides marks which is convenient as tools are dirty and generally the area would be very messy and dirty.

Kate Bush will tour in August for the first time since 1979

Kate Bush: her career in pictures

taking a break from fashion week, kate bush again. obviously there are many MANY reasons why this would not work as a thing to actually wear but kate does black like few other people