The Flatiron Building, NYC - I don't know why, but this building has always fascinated me

The Flatiron Building, originally the Fuller Building, is a triangular steel-framed landmarked building located at 175 Fifth Avenue in the borough of Manhattan, New York City, and is considered to be a groundbreaking skyscraper.


I don't really love Warhol because he was a manipulative pretentious * you know what* , but this is a neat collection of poloroids of his. It also gives a background on the people in the photos.

A Glimpse of the World as a Bird – Stunning Aerial Photos - Photographytuts

Bird's Eye View Of New York City Central Park. See more amazing bird's eye view photographs from around the world and get top tips to do your own.

David Hockney I like that he is working with the movements of the picture and making a new concept with the image and making you look at it in a different way.

David Hockney

1984 Olympic Winter Games Sarajevo official poster designed by David Hockney XIV Olympic Winter Games, Sarajevo, 1984 Offset lithograph x in.

Bouées rouge sur eau bleu

Photography ideas and inspiration. I love this bird's eye view photograph of this pool and life saver rings. Poolside: Aerial Photos by Gray Malin


Russian Photographer Captures Breathtaking Photos Of Milky Way Mirrored On Salt Flats In Bolivia In May Russian photographer, Daniel Kordan, traveled to the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia – the.

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