Norman Parkinson

Wenda and Ostriches, South Africa 1951 by Norman Parkinson. “On location in Africa Mrs Parkinson was posed on the back of an ostrich which turned out to move at an incredible speed. As she disappeared.

Norman Parkinson

True British

Norman Parkinson "Dress of a Thousand Godets" model unknown wearing Norman Norell - Queen Magazine feature "International Fashion- a Worldwide View" . probably one of Parkinson's most iconic images .

norman parkinson photography

Norman Parkinson

LBD by Capucci, Florence Queen Magazine, March 1961 Photographer: Norman Parkinson Capucci, Spring/Summer 1961

The Small Galleon: norman parkinson.

\><\ Woman Under Airplane Propeller The Art of travel – Wenda Parkinson (née Rogerson), – Photo Norman Parkinson – 1951