Window Bird Feeder With FREE 1.8kg Bird Seed

Window Bird Feeder With FREE 1.8kg Bird Seed

Weed Remover

Take the strain out of removing weeds with this sturdy long handled Weed Remover featuring three metal prongs. Simply push into the ground, twist and pull out, and the entire weed is removed - including the root!

Weed Killer

Weed Killer This ready to use formula works by attacking the roots of weeds, not just the leaves. Just spray on a windfree day and allow to work.

Water Tap Duo

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Telescopic Clothes Prop

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Tap Jacket

Tap Jacket Keep your pipes safe throughout the cold winter with this handy Tap Jacket. The Tap Jacket protects outside taps - so no burst pipes when the chill comes. Sized to fit most outside taps. Size x

Sunflower Bird Bath

Bird bath bowls can be very differed, so in order to choose the right one there are two things which must be considered

Solar Colour Changing Wind Chime

Solar Colour Changing Wind Chime

Snail Boot Jack

Buy Snail Boot Jack From K Life.