Lots of Bear activities and Bear stories on this post!

For this project, the children can use one to one correspondence to match the number of figures with the number noted on the paper. Having the dots color coded to match the figures in also very helpful and teaches colors. - use with teddy bear math!

How to Teach Arrays - lots of really fun ideas for teaching repeated addition and rectangular arrays

Neat activity ideas to practice creating arrays. Students are challenged to create arrays and then to write repeated addition and multiplication number sentences.

Fun ways to incorporate math and statistics into the classroom

Pin This activity has students measure their height with yarn. Then they display everyone’s yarn on a poster and they compare them. The students fill out a worksheet using the yarn poster.

Magic Potions! Measuring Volume and Capacity Lesson 2/3/4 - Australian Curriculum Lessons

Measuring Volume and Capacity Lesson - Australian Curriculum Lessons. Links well with Primary Connections 'Beneath Our Feet'

Original idea from @Pinterest Creative education for primaries .We can use this in foreign language learning with jungle animals A great way to develop jungle animals in target language.Maths measuring activity plus create a silly poem about animals and which are taller than the children

For the hallway . Are you as tall as a zebra or a penguin? Thanks to the Children's Room at Burbank Central Library for this cute and mathematical display!

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