jean faucheur (The Jealous Curator)

jean faucheur (The Jealous Curator)

Dizzying collages, with an absolutely dreamy palette, by French artist Jean Faucheur. Um, does anyone know where I can get scissors to cut perfect circles?

A recent experiment for my Growth and Evolution photography unit, inspired by the artist David Hockney

i like this example because it is a generic portrait photo and it is creates almost an illusion to the viewer, making the subject more entertaining

artist: Unknown  love the idea of doing a regular landscape through a collage of big pictures of many different landscapes. funky!

Illustration - illustration - landscape through a collage of big pictures of many different landscapes. illustration : – Picture : – Description landscape through a collage of big pictures of many different landscapes -Read More –

Michael Murphy. Portrait. A new twist on a portrait I like it as it can be done on a laser cutter.

Assault Rifle Graphic Illusion Made From Ping Pong Balls

Multi-layered sculptures - by Micheal Murphy . Michael Murphy challenges the boundaries between the second and third dimensions in his art. What appears to be a painting is, in fact, a series of dissected layers, forming…

Tessellated Mountains

I think it's creative that the artist created a mountain range out of different pictures of actual mountain ranges. The different colors make it easier to tell that each overlapping picture is a mountain and keep your eye flowing from one pyramid to the n

Magnificent collaged 3D landscapes made out of old postcards | Creative Boom

Pixel Loft: Magnificent Collaged Landscapes Made Out Of Old Postcards by Italian Artist Caterina Rossato.

Reflected Landscape Photography By Victoria Siemer - UltraLinx

Reflected Landscape Photography By Victoria Siemer

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer (a. Witchoria) imagines hauntingly unusual realities by altering ordinary perceptions of space with geo

In an effort to raise awareness of the effect that toxic chemicals can have on our environment, Brandon Seidler fuses the actual chemicals with his photographs taken in that area to juxtapose both toxin & landscape in disturbingly vibrant photographs created from his film manipulations. Seidler recently started a Kickstarter campaign to publish a photobook of this work titled “Impure” where states “If these are the effects the chemicals have on film what are the effects it will have on…

Polluting the Film

Photographer Brandon Seidler documents chemically polluted landscapes and soaks film in the same toxins.