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Very few mobile devices have been consistent in the sales market, since their features are often overwhelmed by the next set of newer devices. However, the high position of #iPhone5 deals on the monthly selling charts proves that this device has maintained its top position till now.

Apple has been in news today for the fact that it carries best possible phones for the smartphone users. When you speak about powerful smartphones available in the market at the moment, the name of model, which pop-ups in your head is Apple

LG is factually not in a dog’s age when we talk about the smartphone but the brand has earned an impressive reputation in a short duration since its launch. #LGG2 is one of the latest and actually the ace of the deck from the hat of this brand.

New Delhi: LG on Monday launched its flagship Smartphone, the in India with a view to challenge Apple, Samsung and other rivals in the ever growing Smartphone market.

Beginner & experienced anglers we need you, if you have a question about fishing and would like to ask it without worry of being flamed. Or a seasoned angler who likes to share their knowledge with others in a polite and patient way. Check out Fishing Questions the questions & answer website for fishing enthusiasts.

Funny pictures about Back in the old days. Oh, and cool pics about Back in the old days. Also, Back in the old days.