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black fall leaf tattoo. Do this, but different design maybe?

I like this style of leaves for my tattoo. I also like the natural looking flow of these leaves. I like the color variation. I would want the green leaves to be colored differently. And perhaps a touch more detail could be added to all these style leaves.

White ink

IF i ever got a tattoo.white ink, infinity sign with either love or faith written into it.

GRU: OK Mr. Sheep butt.. Sheep butt: its Ramsbottom GRU: like that's any better

Funny pictures about I Am The Leads Director Mr Sillas Ramsbottom., tagged with bottom, despicable me, minions, sillas ramsbottom posted in Gags

Despicable me

My daughter and I quote this movie (Despicable Me) ALL THE TIME! I can hear Agnes right now. "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!