Children's book week- list of children's books and fun activities to do with each

Did you know it's Children's Book Week? Assembled are some fave Children's Books & Activities posts in honor of Children's Book Week. (plus we're hosting a linky with tons of fab children's book ideas!

Jellyfish Kid's Craft

Pre-k How to Make Your Own Jellyfish Kids Craft! Let the kids make some jellyfish out of paper plates and ribbon. Hang them up and let the deep sea adventures begin! Now, I have that song "Under the Sea" stuck in my head. Dang you LIL Mermaid!

A simple story map for our fairy tale unit - very interactive

Saved site 1 Blooming In Kindergarden: Fairy Tale Story Mapping. Could be adapted for middle school: add themes, protagonist/antagonist, stereotypes.

Charter for Children's Play -- Sally Jenkinson, from the Genius of Play

Youth Grants provides a collection of resources on philanthropic and government support of youth development.

newspaper cats

Fine Lines: Grade: newspaper collage cats inspired by Denise Fiedler

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