LG Display flexible OLED Module 200x50mm 2700K and 4000K - find out more: http://www.organic-lights.com/en/lg-display-oled-modul-200x50mm-flexible.html

This is the newly launched flexible OLED panel. The long rectangular shape makes it possible to be utilized in even more diverse places.

<span style='color: #000000;'>Distressed Copper Electrical Plug Socket (124H)</span>

Copper Household Sockets - This exclusive collection of plug sockets and electrical fittings have real distressed copper back plates.

designer_light_switches-plug_socket_dimmer (1)

Designer Dimmer Switch Double Black & Gold Dimmer Switch

Our exclusive designer dimmer switch double black & gold. Probably the most glamourous double dimmer switch ever, perfect for the industrial-luxe look.

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