Here, hold my ballsack. LOL-I can see this with a few ladies who knit at church during the sermon;) This is hilarious-makes me want to make the bag as a gift-lol-I'm bad I know-lol

The Trustworthiness of Beards

Funny pictures about The Trustworthiness Of Beards. Oh, and cool pics about The Trustworthiness Of Beards. Also, The Trustworthiness Of Beards.

I love snail mail

we love mail competition from newspaper taxi

Stationary & Note Cards by Rifle Paper Co. In an age where a handwritten piece of mail is increasingly rare, take some to send a special "thank you" to a generous supporter or an "I miss you" to a loved one.

Hands up! photo by shikhei goh

Its the "Fuck You" frog! When threatened, this frog sticks its middle digits high into the air, in a menacing fuck you type of fashion.

Stone sculpture by Hirotoshi Itoh, Keiko Gallery. I love these!

Stone sculpture by Hirotoshi Itoh, Keiko Gallery . How can one not smile at Hirotoshi Itoh's rock sculptures. From zippered rocks contain.

so underground (tim fishlock)

Tim Fishlock created A to Z a London tube map alphabet commissioned by the London Transport Museum for their 'Mind the Map' exhibition. A signed limited.

Negative space bulb

This element of design is Negative Space. The hand isn't actually holding anything. It implies that there is a light bulb in the empty space. Negative space guides your imagination to finish the image.